Who we are

The Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association (EMLA) is a national, professional organization for medical/clinical laboratory medicine. As such, it has a range of roles that include (1) national standard setting in collaboration with other organizations, (2) supporting its members through scientific and educational endeavor, and (3) providing a series of trainings, conferences and focused mentorship in order for laboratory medicine to meet standard requirements.


Ensuring excellence in medical laboratory practices in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and beyond.


To promote policies, programs and technologies, which assure continuous improvement in the quality of laboratory practices, health outcomes and to protect the right’s of professionals working in medical laboratory science areas.

Core Values of EMLA

Integrity: Our actions are honest and trustworthy, and our processes are democratic and open.

Accountability: We are accountable to the general assembly, the licensing body; the ministry of Justice and stakeholders. We maintain and promote high standards of practice in the delivery of quality health care.

Ethics and Commitment: Our standards ensure high quality medical laboratory professionals who are valued throughout Ethiopia and the world. We are proactive in meeting the needs of our members and our community.

Respect: We build professional partnerships through consensus and collaboration. We value, encourage and support volunteers and staff dignity, equality, diversity and privacy of all.

Sustainability: We exercise responsible resource management.

Openness: We are accessible, approachable, transparent and clear in our actions.

Innovation: We build on successful ideas, and explore and implement new ideas.

Collaboration: Encourage team work and cerate environment at which thinking and working within and outside own boundaries stimulate the sharing of resources, information and ideas.

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